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Independent Lifeboats in the UK and Ireland

There are approximately  70 to 100 independent lifeboat services currently operating in Britain and Ireland, operating separately from the RNLI. Many operate 24 hours a day year-round.

Independent lifeboat services cover a range of roles for all weather coastal lifeboats (ALB) to smaller inshore or inland lifeboats (ILB). Many independent services also provide inland flood rescue capability as well as search and rescue, 4x4 vehicles with some also providing lowland and mountain rescue services.

Independent lifeboats are often privately funded, and many are registered charities, as smaller charities they face many challenges when it comes to fundraising compared with other larger charities.


The 23rd / 24th March is Go Orange Day for Independent Lifeboats held annually the event is designed to fundraise and raise awareness of the work of Independent lifeboats. If you would like to help you can use the map to find your local Independent station

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