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Education Visits

Education is a key factor in reducing the number of drowning deaths across the UK, our program of water safety talks helps to educate on the dangers of open water and how you can keep yourself safe. 

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Our team regularly visit schools, youth groups such as scouts and cubs, colleges and universities to talk about water safety.


We can present to groups of any age and size with our presentations, subjects, content and depth tailored to fit. 

our Presentations typically last around 45 minutes to an hour and cover a range of topics including:

  • Dangers of open water

  • Safe places to swim/have fun 

  • How you can help someone in danger

  • How to get help from the emergency services

  • Demonstrate some of the lifesaving equipment used by our volunteers

  • How to help yourself if you find yourself in the water

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If you would like to discuss our education visits further or book one for your group you can get in touch at

* Our presentations are always free of charge, however, as a small local charity any donations or fundraising on our behalf will always be gratefully accepted

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