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Meet the Crew Monday #2

Mark 024 Joined - Sep 2017 Role - Operational Crew Member, Vehicle Coordinator Hours Volunteered - 1568 Day Job - Care Support Worker for Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

Why did you join York Rescue Boat?

"I always wanted to work for an emergency service but because I struggle with dyslexia no one would take me on. York Rescue Boat took me on with open arms and have made me so welcome, I really feel like a valued member of the team. At the time of starting I was in need of a new focus to improve my own mental well-being, and this has been the best thing I have ever done."

What is your favourite part of volunteering with York Rescue Boat?

"The adrenaline when the phone goes off to an emergency response, and you have no idea what you are about to face. The satisfaction of knowing you did your job to the best of my ability and in some way have helped others."

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