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York Rescue is looking for a home...


Could you help York’s independent lifeboat find a home?

Since York Rescue Boat started in 2014 we’ve grown to the point we now patrol the Ouse at high risk times, provide a 24/7 365 water incident call out service to assist North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and North Yorkshire Police and also provide a national flood rescue team. We’ll soon have the capacity to patrol the Foss too.

With three boats and three vehicles we desperately need somewhere to call home. For obvious reasons we need 24 hour access, with somewhere to keep boats and vehicles inside. A light industrial unit, warehouse or workshop, would be ideal.

If you have spare a spare building in or around York we could use for free or a small sum we’d be delighted and grateful to hear from you. We have amazing hardworking volunteers with all sorts of skills and trades so could improve a premises in return for the use of it

If you think you can help or know someone who can please get in touch at

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